2015 Pro Bowl: New York Jets Together on Team Irvin

By Alan Schechter

The Pro Bowl draft has come and gone, and the game is set for Sunday night in Phoenix. Tonight, Michael Irvin and Cris Carter have chosen their teams, and our New York Jets will be together for one more game.

For anyone who missed it, Nick Mangold and Sheldon Richardson are representing the Jets in the Pro Bowl this week in Phoenix. Mangold was the only Jets player that was an original selection, while Richardson was added to the roster as an alternate.

As mentioned, the draft took place tonight, and Michael Irvin chose both of our Jets to be on his team. If you are interested in seeing the roster in their entirety, click here.

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Personally, I am in the minority in that I really enjoy the Pro Bowl. Why, do you ask? It isn’t real football, we all know that. But I don’t go into it looking for real football. I watch it to see some of my favorite skilled position offensive players showcase their skills. I know that it is going to be high scoring, no blitzing,..etc. If you go into it with the right expectations, the game is kind of fun.

But I certainly understand the perspective of fans that hate it too.