New York Jets: Classic Rex Ryan Moments

By Alan Schechter

It is been nearly two weeks since the firing of head coach Rex Ryan. It was a tumultuous six-year run as head coach of the Jets for Ryan, one with many highs, many lows, and a great deal of memorable moments in between. There were quotes that made us laugh, incidents that made us shake our heads, thrilling moments on the field, and some unfortunate ones.

Whether you liked Rex Ryan, or are happy he is gone, it is undeniable that he was entertaining. It’s not often you get a coach that will attend a press conference in disguise.

Tonight, we are going to relive some of those moments. This video highlight reel has both on the field moments and off the field moments. We all know that it is Rex Ryan, so this movie would likely be rated “R”. Please, moms and dads, be in the room if any young children are going to watch.

With that, enjoy!

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I am going to miss having Rex Ryan around. No matter the record, he could clearly inspire the players to work hard and play hard. Ryan was entertaining and inspiring.

It’s hard to imagine another coach being this much fun. Granted, it won’t matter if the next guy wins us our Super Bowl. But Rex, you are still the man to me.