New York Jets: John Idzik Out, Rex Ryan In is Not a Realistic Scenario

By Alan Schechter

As the season comes to a close, there is a lot of talk about the future among New York Jets fans. There are lots of thoughts all over the map. Most assume that Rex Ryan is gone at the end of the season. Some believe that John Idzik will be gone as well. Woody Johnson should just clean house, per most fans.

Some see a different scenario. I have recently talked to a small groundswell that thinks Rex Ryan may survive this. The theory being that the Jets have the right coach, they need an executive to provide him with the correct roster. Under this scenario, Rex Ryan stays but John Idzik is history.

This just isn’t realistic. It’s all or nothing for the Jets on this.

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Woody Johnson tried this scenario once before. Woody Johnson fired Mike Tannenbaum, and forced the new general manager to have to retain Rex Ryan. Where did it get him? Candidates with ANY experience in personnel turned the Jets down. They were left with the guy most think is the problem. John Idzik was the willing one, but he didn’t have the requisite experience at choosing players.

There is no way that under the SAME scenario, that all of a sudden, a personnel guy will want to take the job. The new general manager will have to be allowed to choose their own coach. Otherwise, there is no point in making a move.

If Idzik goes, Rex goes. Rex’s only hope is if Idzik stays. The Jets have an interesting decision to make in less than a week.