2015 NFL Draft: Potential New York Jets WR Amari Cooper

By Alan Schechter

This afternoon, we look ahead. With the season near the end, talk of the NFL draft has already begun. In some circles, with the draft order taking shape, mock drafts have begun to surface. There have been more than one choosing one particular player for the Jets. We are going to take a look at that player today. We look at Amari Cooper, WR from the University of Alabama.

Amari Cooper will be entering the draft as an underclassman, just finishing his junior season at Alabama. He stands at 6’1″, and weighs 215 pounds. Over the 2014 season, Cooper has posted 115 catches for 1,656 yards and 14 touchdowns. Clearly, Cooper has ability.

Here are his stats for his career:

Here are some highlights for those unfamiliar with Amari Cooper:

There obviously is a lot to like. Amari Cooper is fast. He is a very accurate route runner, and he can make people miss in the open field. Once Cooper goes, you had better watch out.

I have some concerns. One, nobody lays a finger on him in that video. Nobody plays press coverage in college anymore, and it hurts receivers as they come to the next level. It’s much easier to make a move on a defensive back when he does nothing to alter the route. That is concern number one.

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My second concern is a bit larger. Look at that tape very closely. Admittedly, this is four handpicked minutes out of an entire season, but I still see a problem. Cooper caught many of those passes into his body. Any time on that video that he caught a pass with his hands, he double clutched, at least a little bit. When defensive backs defend him closer in the NFL, that won’t work. We have seen that before. His name is Stephen Hill.

Granted, Cooper is far more talented than Hill ever was. I still need to see more, especially in his Bowl game, before I am completely sold.