New York Jets: 2015 Opponents Announced

By Alan Schechter

Well, since the season is just about over for the New York Jets, we can look ahead to next year. The opponents for next season have been released. We know that the game against the Dolphins in London will take place on October 4th, but other than that, we just know who the Jets will be playing.  Have a look:

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Time to play the NFC East again, so there will be some interesting games there. Obviously Dallas will be tough. Can you imagine if Mark is still playing quarterback for the Eagles by the time that game comes around? It would certainly make some interesting game week conversation.

All in all, the schedule isn’t that bad, which is not surprising judging by the record that the Jets are going to finish with. It will be a key off-season. If the Jets can actually make some progress on the quarterback situation, they might actually win some games.

Easy to say now, several months before the season begins, however.