New York Jets Top the Tennessee Titans, Jets Fans Not Happy

By Alan Schechter

The Jets won a game today, and a the fan base isn’t happy about it. I am not really sure that I understand why.

Geno Smith led the Jets on a game-winning drive late, to give the Jets the first ever 16-11 victory. Jets fans, for the most part, are upset because it likely takes the team out of the running for the first pick in the draft, and therefore Heisman winner Marcus Mariota. If the season ended today, the Jets would be picking sixth.

There are some probelms with this line of thinking. First of all, this is not how football players think. They are not thinking about next year’s draft. If they are playing, they are playing to win. These players are playing for their spots on the roster, either with the Jets or elsewhere. Does anyone think that a player that tanked the season is going to get signed anywhere? Come on, folks.

Don’t forget that the draft is no guarantee either. There have been quite a few top five choices at quarterback that have done NOTHING in the pros. Ryan Leaf ring a bell? How about David Carr? There was a great pro. And the Jets? We have a GREAT history in the draft. I don’t even have to go there, do I?

For every “can’t miss”, there have been huge misses. There is no guarantee that Marcus Mariota is going to be any kind of a pro. He might be great. He might stink. There are seven rounds in the draft for a reason. There have been many great picks late in the draft.

I’m thrilled that the Jets won. I can’t get my brain around this other theory.