BREAKING: NFL Denies Appeal for Adrian Peterson

By Alan Schechter

Big news out of the NFL this afternoon that just broke.

The NFL has announced that the appeal from Adrian Peterson has been denied, upholding the previous punishment laid out by commissioner Roger Goodell. Harold Henderson, the appeals officer that heard the case on behalf of the league, stated that Peterson was unable to demonstrate that the process of discipline applied to him was unfair. Therefore, he had no reason to vacate the discipline applied to Peterson.

According to Ian Rappaport, the plan has been that if the league denied the appeal, Peterson and the NFLPA were going to take the case to federal court, so we can all assume that this is where the case is headed now.

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I can’t say I am disappointed that the appeal was denied. Abuse of a child is a special kind of problem, and the book should be thrown at any perpetrator of such abuse. The fact that he is being kept from doing his job is of absolutely no consequence to me.

Will a federal court determine that it was unfair? Quite possibly. It would certainly prove that the squeaky wheel gets the grease. We may find out that the punishment was handled technically wrong, but that doesn’t mean a severe punishment is wrong.

I would be personally happy if we don’t hear about this anymore, but we know that won’t be the case.