New York Jets vs. Minnesota Vikings: Quick Hits

By Alan Schechter

The Jets played a tough game today, but still fell to the Vikings by the score of 30-24 in overtime. The Jets drop their record to a mark of 2-11, cementing the worst season in Rex’s tenure, by far.

Here are some of the quick thoughts:

Geno Smith did not have a very bad game today. Yes, he did throw a pick six on his first pass of the game, but from there on out, he did give the Jets a chance to win today. Smith went 18-29 for 254 yards and one touchdown to go along with the one interception. He had a good overall feel for the game today and played well.

The Jets attack was much more balanced today, with 42 rushes versus 32 passes. The script for the fifteen opening plays was even, eight rushes and seven passes. The Jets went on like that to be completely balanced, and post over 400 yards of offense, which hasn’t happened often.

Moving ahead, the Jets are going to have to move away from the running back by committee approach. They have to. Chris Ivory was in the midst of doing what you have heard me say a million times, running like he was mad at the grass. For the game, he led the way with 16 rushes for 73 yards. But the Jets didn’t stay with him. Chris Ivory is the best running back on the team, he needs to be the workhorse. Period.

Percy Harvin wanted to take it to his former team and he did just that. Harvin posted six catches for 124 yards and one touchdown. He had an explosive kickoff return for 47 yards as well. Marty Mornhinweg used Harvin’s motivation to the Jets advantage, and it worked.

Sheldon Richardson is a beast. He can’t do it alone. The Jets could not make a tackle when they needed to, and it cost them the game today. Richardson posted three sacks and a safety, dominating for the Jets upfront. But he needs help, and the team didn’t play up around him when they needed to.