Miami Dolphins vs. New York Jets: Monday NFL Weather report

By Debbie Schechter

Who’s ready for Monday football? The New York Jets conclude week 13 Monday night in another AFC east showdown against the hated Miami Dolphins.

If you’re going to be like me and heading out to MetLife Stadium for the 8:30 kick, here’s the weather:

“Partly cloudy, with a low around 28. Northwest wind 7 to 9 mph. “

As calm as the winds will be, there’s not too much else going on with the weather, the cold is the biggest factor in this game.

So in today’s installment, how do both starting quarterbacks, Geno Smith and Ryan Tannehill deal with the outdoors?

Let’s deal with the embattled Geno Smith and here’s his breakdown as per Pro Football Reference:  55 percent completion percentage (362 completions out of 656 attempts; 4,217 yards, 16 TD, 31 INT)

Here are Tannehill’s outdoor stats from Pro Football Reference: 61 percent completion percentage (754 completions out of 1,239 yards, 51 TD, 29 INT)

In a nutshell, what this says is that Tannehill’s got better statistics outdoors than Smith. But you need to factor in the difference between cold and warm weather. Right now if you just went on the numbers alone, advantage Tannehill, in turn meaning advantage Dolphins.  But, it is going to be cold, which can be a great equalizer for a warm weather quarterback.  Let’s take it further and look at Ryan Tannehill’s stats in cold weather.

Over the last two seasons, Tannehill has played in New England, in Buffalo, and in New Jersey in December.  How did he fare?  Tannehill completed 58 out of 105 passes for a 55.2% completion rate, with two touchdowns, and two interceptions.  Conversely, Geno Smith, in cold weather December games, has completed 36-61 passes for a completion rate of 59%, three touchdowns, and only one interception.  Looking at it that way, the quarterbacks all of a sudden are much more even.

So how do the Jets get the win on Wayne Chrebet‘s special night?

In a nutshell, play a smart, clean game and win the line of scrimmage. The “X-factor” in the cold is the running game.  Win it, and you have a great chance to win.  The Dolphins are no joke. According to; they are fifth overall in total defense.

All I want is to see this Jets team play well Monday and do it for Chrebet. And as a long time fan of his, congratulations Wayne Chrebet on your induction to the Jets Ring of Honor.