Michael Vick Still Excited to Play the Game

By Alan Schechter

Michael Vick has had a bit of a resurrection over the last two games for the Jets. After turning the ball over quite a bit in relief of Geno Smith three games ago, Vick has played two straight clean games. There have been no turnovers over the last two, and the Jets have won one of them. The offense has looked alive, and so has Michael Vick.

Vick talked to the media about how excited he is to continue to play the game:

It is, it is great whether you are home or on the road, you know people are watching you, people are expecting you to do great things. You are expecting it from yourself and when you do it, you just constantly prove to yourself over and over again that you can still play at a high level. That is what I try to do. I try to do that on a consistent basis. I was telling my coach today that the most important thing you can be as a quarterback is consistent. That is what I want to create. I think that is what everybody in here wants to create for their game, is consistency.

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I have done a complete turnaround on Michael Vick, as he has appeared to be the perfect teammate. If he continues to play well, the Jets should seriously consider bringing him back.

It starts tonight.