New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills: Madden Video

By Alan Schechter

I know that C.J. Spiller is not playing in the game tomorrow night, but he is involved in the video below.

With the game a little over 24 hours away, and everyone getting ready to watch a full afternoon of football, I thought it would be fun to watch some video this afternoon.  This is video of the Jets taking on the Bills, in Buffalo, but not highlights of last year’s actual game.  Instead, we have a video from a video….game!   This is the play by play from “Madden 25”, of the first quarter between the Jets and the Bills.

Many of you already play Madden and are quite familiar with it.  For those of you that aren’t, you will be quite impressed by the graphics of the game.  You will feel like you are actually watching a game.  You see everything, including the coin toss and a few moments of pre-game, with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.  Take a look at the video and enjoy:

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Through the years, the graphics used in the Madden game have always impressed me. Years ago, the players were smaller than anything, and the game has progressed to the point where it actually looks like you are controlling real, actual NFL players. It’s amazing.

Enjoy the games this afternoon. Tonight I will have the keys to victory for the actual Jets game.