BREAKING: Katy Perry to Perform at Halftime of the Super Bowl

By Alan Schechter

Big news announced at halftime of the Sunday night game between the Cowboys and the Giants.

Bob Costas has announced that Katy Perry will be performing at halftime of the upcoming Super Bowl in Arizona. With hits such as “I Kissed a Girl”, “Firework”, “The One that Got Away”, and many others, she has been thrilling audiences across the country since coming onto the music scene in 2008. Her album, titled “Teenage Dream”, was the first album by a female to produce five Billboard Top-100 Songs, and the second one overall, the first being “Bad” by Michael Jackson.

The selection will be one that gets mixed reactions, as they all do. No one artist is going to be appreciated by all football fans everywhere. But, Katy Perry is certainly deserving of it. She is a talented performer, one with great appeal from a cross-section of the popular music fans, and one not known for any “malfunctions” or problems that have unfortunately occurred in the past.

If she isn’t your cup of tea, it’s the perfect time to refill your plate of wings, sandwiches, or whatever else you are eating that night anyway. At least you won’t miss any action.