Report: New York Jets Game May be Moved Out of Buffalo

By Alan Schechter

It’s looking more and more like Michael Vick and the Jets will be doing their work outside of Buffalo this weekend.

Everyone knows the story by now, parts of Buffalo, New York have received four feet of snow, with more to come. The Bills are trying to clear the stadium, even employing fans and offering them game tickets. But it is looking more and more like the game against the Jets will be delayed, or possibly relocated.

Per a report from Pro Football Talk, there is talk of three locations, Detroit, New Jersey, and Toronto. They could, of course, leave the game in Buffalo, and play it later on Sunday or Monday night. But, these are the three alternate locations being debated.

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Detroit and Toronto both have their fields available on Sunday, so if the teams can get there, those would be the locations of choice to keep the game on Sunday. Moving to New Jersey is interesting, as the game couldn’t take place on Sunday, with the Giants playing host to the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. A game at MetLife would have to take place on Monday or even Tuesday night.

The teams have to be informed by Friday so arrangements can be made. Personally, I believe it not to be fair to move it here, as the Bills would lose a home game. To me it’s better to either play it later in Buffalo, or a neutral location, but we will see what happens.


Per Ian Rapport, Toronto has been dismissed as a choice, as well as Pittsburgh, which apparently was another choice.  Pittsburgh has high school games leading up to a game against Syracuse on Saturday.   The active choices of places to move are Washington and Detroit.