New York Jets vs. Buffalo Bills: There’s No Business Like Snow Business

By Craig Hoffman

The Jets take on the Buffalo Bills this weekend (or early next week) and have a golden opportunity to build on their victory over Pittsburgh before the bye week.

The reason for that is Buffalo is under four feet of snow right now with two more feet of snow on the way. That’s 72 inches of snow which has incapacitated the city and prevented the Bills from practicing or even getting treatment for their injuries at the team’s facility.

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Buffalo’s coaches and staff are holed up at the facility but they are only able email the game plan to the players. There hasn’t been nor will there likely be time to for the Bills to install that game plan on the practice field. Getting practice reps is important to keep your timing between the quarterback and the receivers, the offensive line and even defensively with the line and the secondary. It is also important to keep rust off.

What will the Jets need to do to take advantage? Attack early and often. Use the early part of the game when the Bills will most likely be sluggish and rusty to establish dominance at the line of scrimmage on both sides of the ball and take shots down the field to get an early lead. They can take that lead and force a struggling Kyle Orton to beat them through the air while the Jets use Chris Ivory to move the chains and wear the Bills defensive front down.

That (and not turning the ball over six times) is a recipe for a victory. A victory that is sorely needed to show that the Steelers game wasn’t a fluke and that the team has turned the corner.

Hopefully the 2nd half of the season will feature the development of the core of a team that will contend next year and beyond instead of a death march towards a new regime.