BREAKING: Adrian Peterson Suspended for the Remainder of 2014, Maybe Longer

By Alan Schechter

Now this is quite the turn of events. Take a look at this Tweet from Ian Rappaport:

NFL suspends #Vikings RB Adrian Peterson without pay for at least remainder of the 2014 NFL season. Reinstatement considered 4/15 or later

— Ian Rapoport (@RapSheet) November 18, 2014

So, Adrian Peterson is done for the season, and can possibly be reinstated next year, but he may be out even longer than that. Peterson has the right to appeal within three days, but he will remain on the exempt list with pay, so an appeal will not make him eligible to pay. Roger Goodell’s letter on the situation inidicated that Peterson did not show any remorse in this situation, and was confident in what he did because “he knew his intent”. It would appear that this is the driving force behind Goodell’s decision to suspend Peterson for the rest of the year.

This decision will cause another fight between the NFL and the NFLPA, we all know this is a give in. It’s hard to disagree with harsh punishment here, as the league is taking a hard-line on domestic violence, and in this case, a child was involved. Peterson did take a plea, which is an admission of guilt. On the other hand, was this done to give credence to the decision in the Ray Rice case? As that appeal is decided, Rice’s camp can not reference this case, and a more lenient punishment. There is a lot going on here, and it will be interesting to watch it play out. But you cannot say that Goodell isn’t making good on his word about taking a harsh stance against domestic violence of any kind. Here is the NFLPA response:

Here’s the NFLPA statement on Adrian Peterson suspension.

— Matt Pepin (@mattpep15) November 18, 2014