Michael Vick on His Potential Future with the New York Jets

By Alan Schechter

As the bye week began, Michael Vick’s name was in the news. Headlines began to pop up about Vick being unsure as to whether or not he wants to stay in New York beyond 2014. The New York, and national media for that matter, in that special way they do, took that to imply a discontent about his situation with the Jets.

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But, if you take a look at everything Michael Vick actually said on the matter, you see that it isn’t that all. Here was his brief answer, which everyone took to further their headlines:

I like it here, but that’s not my decision to make.

As Vick was questioned for a more in-depth answer, here was how he responded:

Listen, I know we are talking about something that is so far fetched right now that I can’t even see. Like I said, I like it here in New York, it’s been great, but I can’t predetermine or make a decision on what’s going to happen. Because the minute you start setting your sights out on something, or you want something to much, then if it doesn’t happen for you then it’s a big disappointment. So, I just like to go with the flow, whatever happens, then the decisions will be made at the appropriate time.

All Vick is saying is that the situation is not in his control, and he doesn’t want to get his hopes up. That, to me, says he really does want to stay in New York. If Vick is acknowledging that committing to an idea could result in disappointment, that can be taken to mean that he will be upset if he doesn’t stay in New York.

Either way, the media should just let this go until the time is right. If they hadn’t noticed, the Jets still have six more games to play.