Buffalo Bills vs. New York Jets: Sunday NFL Weather Report

By Debbie Schechter

OK people, week eight is here and it’s time for our New York Jets to host the Buffalo Bills — and in a nutshell, gut check time.

So, if you’re heading out to Met Life Stadium for the 1 p.m. kick off Sunday, here’s what the weather could be:

“Sunny, with a high near 65.”

Yet again, the weather shouldn’t play a factor in this game.

I like what I’ve seen out of the Jets these last couple of weeks but the bottom line is that they need to score touchdowns in the red zone. I do think Percy Harvin will help out on offense in that regard.

Here are my keys to the game:

1. Score touchdowns: Plain and simple, if any of the first four field goals against the Patriots were a touchdown, Jets win last Thursday. That’s the bottom line here, get the ball in the end zone Geno (Smith). You’ve got weapons now use them. And Rex, if you have to use Sheldon Richardson to open up the holes use him. You need this win.

2. Keep your eyes open WR/TE/RB/FB: Remember Geno Smith is still a young quarterback so all of you need to keep your eyes open and when you know the ball isn’t coming when you expect; come back to the ball and figure out a plan B to help Smith make a play.

3. Where’s the help?: I’m calling out the defense and special teams. The special teams has been getting better about winning the battle of field position but can’t you guys break one off (punt or kick return, I don’t care which) and score. And to the defense, how about actually causing a turnover? You guys have been decent about getting the stops but you are letting the ball drop. Make the damn pic!

4. Play composed: Don’t get ahead of yourselves. Even if you get behind, stay in control and don’t let it spiral out. And Smith needs to get his internal clock going. If you have to get the ball out quick; do it.

If you do that, the Jets have a shot to start to dig out of their hole.