The Smear Campaign Against the New York Jets’ Percy Harvin Has Begun

By Alan Schechter

The New York Jets have made a trade to acquire Percy Harvin. He could be the dynamic playmaker that the Jets offense has been desperate to add. Percy Harvin adds speed to the receiving game, the return game, and can even be used as a running back out of the backfield.

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But, of course, the media won’t have it that way. Nope, the Jets cannot make a trade that will actually benefit themselves, without controversy. Our buddies at Pro Football Talk write about how Harvin didn’t fit in. All of the latest press is about why the trade happened, having very little to do with Harvin’s talent. It’s not surprising, the NFL media has always been on a campaign against the Jets, it just continues with this move.

No articles about how the move was a great move that gives the Jets a playmaker. Nothing like that. The possibility that Harvin will be a problem has to be acknowledged. There have been incidents in his past. But the articles are not balanced, just like usual, and they are out to get the New York Jets.

Hopefully, Harvin will play great and prove everyone wrong.