Johnny Manziel has more jersey sales than New York Jets

By Josh Hill

The New York Jets are one of the most polarizing teams in football and that goes right down to their loyal fan base. When Fireman Ed stops coming to the games because the team is so bad, that’s when you know something is really going wrong. You also know something might be up when an entire 53-man roster is being outsold in the jersey game by a single player.

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That’s the case for the New York Jets, as the entire team is getting beat out by perhaps the most fitting player ever. Just as polarizing as the Jets are, so too is Johnny Manziel. The Cleveland Browns quarterback started making enemies during his rambunctious days at Texas A&M but he’s more marketable, ore profitable and more popular than an entire football team.

As The Jersey Report from DICK’S Sporting Goods points out, Manziel may not be playing on the field but he’s still dominating the Jets.

That’s utter domination at it’s finest and it’s a shame too considering the Jets are actually on the rebound this season. But even with big names like Geno Smith, Michael Vick and Eric Decker as well as Chris Johnson in the fold, the Jets still can’t muster up enough sales to out sell Johnny Manziel.

He’s no ordinary player, but being out sold by a player — even if he’s Johnny Manziel — is a bad look for a team that needs to restore its image.

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