Meet “Jet Engine” New York Jets’ Superhero

By Alan Schechter

You guys might be wondering what the heck I am talking about with this one. Has Alan finally gone crazy? Did they take away his brain while he was in the hospital? I assure you not, and I will explain what this is all about right now.

Some of you may know already, (although I just learned this yesterday), that Marvel Comics has a movie coming out on Friday. The plot line is based on “The Guardians of the Galaxy.”

A blogger named David Rappoccio from “Sports on Earth” decided to take this plot line, and create NFL team superheroes, and call it “The Guardians of the NFL Galaxy”.

Each team has a superhero, and a story about the superhero. Above is our superhero, named Jet Engine. Here is his story:

Jet Engine was a normal skydiver who got sucked into a jet intake, and for reasons unknown came out the other side with the ability to fly instead of being chopped into a billion pieces. Spends his days flying around New York and New Jersey looking for criminals to beat up. His signature attack is the Butt Ram, when he flies full speed into a criminal’s derriere and shatters their pelvis.

So, a butt fumble joke? There’s a surprise, but isn’t it getting a little bit old by now? It just seems like an easy way out when making a post regarding the Jets.

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