The New York Jets’ Defense: Similar to Recent Big Blue Counterparts?

By Debbie Schechter

Now, you read that title and are probably scratching your head wondering why am I comparing our New York Jets to the Giants?

The New York Jets in the Rex Ryan era have been known for their defense but as a backfield first with top-notch corners. When you look back at what the defense was able to accomplish last year, the front seven started to emerge as the star of the defense.

I was listening to the radio about a week or so ago, and the hosts were having a conversation about the Jets and the comparison to the two Super Bowl Giants defenses. It got me thinking (I wish I can give them credit but I forgot which show and who the hosts were) and they made a lot of sense.

Getting the numbers from; the Jets’ rush defense was third in the league with 1,412 yards on 421 attempts. That works out to an average of 3.4 yards per attempt and a grand total of 88.3 yards per game. Leading the way with the front three of Mo Wilkerson, Damon ‘Big Snacks’ Harrison, Sheldon Richardson.

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While the passing defense was 22nd overall giving up a net of 3,947 yards. With 325 receptions for 4,189 yards in the passing defense for a 12.1 average yards.

When you look at the Giants Super Bowl team of 2007, what stood out the most was the defensive line; how they had a strong presence up front and didn’t rely so much on the corners/safeties.

Looking at the numbers, there are signs that the comparison is valid.  Per Pro Football Reference, the Giants’ 2007 championship defense was a front line defense first They were ranked 8th overall in rush defense, yielding 1,563 yards on the ground.

So, as we get ready for training camp to open and the season creeps up on us, I will go through the different levels of the defense and see how the Jets stack up.