Mike Goodson’s days as a Jet seem numbered

By Ioanny Dimov

Around this time last season Jets fans were excited to see a revamped backfield getting ready to debut for the New York Jets. One year later Chris Ivory has proven to be everything the Jets wanted and more, showing an incredible amount of physicality and gaining yards after contact seemingly at will. However, the other half of the new look, Mike Goodson was never really around much on the field to show his diverse skill set as a runner. On top of injury issues there have been off the field issues in the forms of a suspension for violation of the NFL’s PED policy as well as a gun possessions charge.

Fast forward to this season and the writing appears to be on the wall for Mike Goodson as the Jets went out and signed prolific speedster Chris Johnson (as well as another back in  Daryl Richardson), who brings a better version of the skills the Jets were hoping to get from Goodson. Furthermore, in the wake of everything Aaron Hernandez teams are more timid than ever of players with off the field issues. Where teams used to see value players, now they see potential public relations nightmares, and Mike Goodson should be no exception, especially in the eyes of the calculated and prudent John Idzik.

In yesterdays post practice press conference Jets head coach Rex Ryan was asked several times about Goodson. For those that don’t know Goodson is still rehabilitating and has decided to opt out of OTA’s. When asked about Goodson Rex acted very passively, almost as if he didn’t care, with a hint of frustration.

Here are a couple of quotes from the post practice presser:

When asked whether or not Rex has had a conversation with Mike Goodson Rex replied: “the thing I know in this camp is voluntary, he hasn’t been here, he volunteered not to be here, so I’ll volunteer not to answer the question”

When asked if Goodson was there would he be able to participate, referencing Goodson’s knee rehab, Rex replied: “I’m not going to speculate ’cause he’s not here and I don’t know where he is”

When asked how far along Goodson is in his rehab Rex replied: “We haven’t seen him so I can’t answer that question”

It seems as if Rex knows something we don’t, and maybe Idzik is waiting for the right time to make the right move.