John Idzik’s Draft History with the Seattle Seahawks: 2012

By Alan Schechter
Russell Wilson

was part of a bountiful draft of 2012 for the Seattle Seahawks.

Good morning Jets’ fans. One more morning to go back through the history of John Idzik with the Seattle Seahawks.

For those of you that haven’t been following the series, we have been going through the Seahawks’ draft history while John Idzik was part of the front office. Yes, as I have said throughout, I am aware that Idzik was not the GM. But, he was there, he was part of the process. As such, he will be bringing his experience with these drafts to the Jets.

So far we have covered the drafts of 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  So far, every single one of these drafts produced players that are still a part of the team that won Super Bowl 48.

How did they do in 2012?  Rather well, I would say.  Take a look………..

I would say this was a bountiful harvest for the Seahawks, wouldn’t you?

In the first round, you had Bruce Irvin, a young pass rusher. He has recorded ten sacks over his first two seasons with the team. Bobby Wagner was chosen on the second round. He posted a career high of five sacks this past season, to go along with 72 tackles and two interceptions.

The fourth round yielded Robert Turbin, the guy who carries it approximately 80 times per season to give Marshawn Lynch a break. In 2013, he ran it 77 times for 264 yards backing up Lynch.

And there was the third round pick. Some quarterback that Terry Bradway wanted to draft here for the Jets, but was overruled. Oh, yes, I remember. Russell Wilson. He was chosen by the Seahawks with their third round pick.

What has he done in his first two seasons? Only 52 TD passes versus 19 interceptions. He is also completing 63.6% of his passes. Wilson has also run the ball to the tune of 5.4 yards per carry for his career to go along with five rushing touchdowns.

Pretty good resume for a guy that was chosen as an afterthought to Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck, in the third round.

The moral of these stories over the last several days is a simple one. Do you want to build a football team? Do it through the draft. Draft a lot of players, don’t trade your picks away. Draft well.

The Seahawks did it. The Jets did it quite well in 2013. It works.