NFL Creates a Custom Video Service for the Fans

By Alan Schechter

In 2014, you can sign up for personalized highlights of our New York Jets

Good evening gang. Has anyone ever wanted to have personalized NFL and/or Jets’ highlights delivered, and available on internet devices. Well, thanks to the league, starting this summer, you will have just that opportunity.

The NFL has created a new service, able to be completely personalized, so it serves the people who matter the most, the fans.  The service is called the “NFL Now”, and it will be available as an app for internet devices, such as smartphones, beginning this summer.

As the user, we will be able to tell the app which team is our favorite, which players we would like to follow, and the different types of videos we are interested in.  From there, the system will create an experience, customized to each and every one of us.

How great is that?

Best of all, the app is free.  We can pay for an NFL Now Plus subscription, which can give us even more access.  But the bulk of the experience is free.  Highlights are going to include:

  • Original content created for the app.
  • NFL game highlights.
  • NFL Films content such as their original programs like “America’s Game” and “A Football Life”.
  • Content created by the NFL teams.
  • Live events.
  • Content from the website and the network.

Check out the link earlier, and stay tuned.  Come the summer of 2014, this will be available to all of us to enjoy.