PFF Offensive Line Rankings: New York Jets Ranked 25th

By Alan Schechter

July 29, 2012; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets offensive and defensive players line up prior to a play during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

I say it all the time, that a team goes with the play of its offensive line. The Jets were no different in 2013, and it reflected in the rankings posted by our friends at Pro Football Focus.

They had the Jets ranked at #25 in the league, which is amazing when you think about how far they have come in the beginning of the reign of Rex.  Here is what they had to say at PFF:

Stud: For a line with as much talent as they have, it’s really surprising that D’Brickashaw Ferguson (+0.1) would walk away with the highest grade. A bad year by his standards where he gave up eight sacks and was poor with his run blocking.

Dud: Whoever they put at left guard. Vlad Ducasse (-9.5) had a breakout game against the Patriots and then proceeded to stink the joint up, forcing rookie Brian Winters (-28.5) into action. It did not go well.

Analysis: The awe factor of watching Nick Mangold has gone. He finished the year strong but his streaky early season play was anything but what we’ve come to expect from a usual contender for first team All-Pro center duty. He epitomized why this line took such a nosedive. Losing Damien Woody was the first step in the team’s gradual decline and it seems saying goodbye to Brandon Moore may have really accelerated that process.

Not an unfair analysis, as they were inconsistent just like the entire team. That could definitely be part of the argument to bring Willie Colon back, so they have some continuity. Check out the link to read the rest of the rankings.