Chanukah: Eight Crazy Nights of New York Jets: Night Seven

By Alan Schechter

Happy seventh night to my celebrating fans and readers. Chanukah is reaching the final stretch, with two nights left including tonight. Two more nights lighting the candles, saying the prayers, and OPENING PRESENTS! It’s been a good week of Jets-related presents, culminating last night with a voucher for a flex game next year. What are we going to get tonight?

The prayers have been said around the menorah at the Schechter household. The seventh night candle has been lit. Time to open presents. What is tonight’s gift? It’s pretty heavy as I open the package. What do I find?


This is one we would all be happy to get. We know how this league is going, it’s a passing league now. The “Ground and Pound” system is a thing of the distant past, unless you ask the Jets. They want to run a prehistoric offense, come hell or high water. They will not open the offense up and throw it around for ANYTHING.

But now, we have a Jets’ playbook, with creative pass plays in it. With this gift, the Jets can actually bring their offense up to the 21st century.

Great gift! (Remember these are hypothetical, a guy can dream)