Chanukah: Eight Crazy Nights of New York Jets: Night Five

By Alan Schechter

It is night five of the “Festival of Lights”. Chanukah is heading over the halfway mark, four more nights including tonight. The lights burn on, as we light the second half of the Menorah, that “reminds us of days long ago”. My Jewish readers will know the song that quote is from.

Anyway, with Chanukah moving on, let’s get back to the gifts. In case you have missed it, each night of Chanukah, I have put a Jets’ gift under the menorah. Obviously the Jets aren’t sending me gifts, so these are my Chanukah wish list gifts, instead of a Christmas wish list.

Last night’s gift was barbed wire with electrical cords, specifically designed to keep any bad intentioned reporters out of the Jets’ headquarters.  No more negativity, thanks to this gift, my personal favorite of the week so far.

So, the menorah candles are lit in the Schechter household.  Time to open presents!  What do the Jets have in store for me on this fifth night?  I open the box, and I find………….


Say what?  What the heck is this about?  Well, as I continue to rummage through the package to the bottom, and there is a note.  I open the note, and it reads…….THESE ITEMS ARE TO BE PROVIDED TO MR. STEPHEN HILL

And then it all made sense.  Folks, do we really think the team is going to give up on Hill after two years?  The kid has a lot of raw talent.  I, for one, don’t see them giving up on Stephen right away.  I think he gets another shot.

The trouble is, well, we know the trouble.  He doesn’t run great routes and he doesn’t hang onto the football.  Hill isn’t getting better at catching the ball with his hands, an essential skill for any NFL wide receiver.  So, we give him a brain to “get it”, and a new pair of hands that can actually catch the football.

It’s a win-win gift in my opinion.