Ed Reed and the New York Jets: The Benefits

By Ioanny Dimov

Since Ed Reed was first released by the Texans there was speculation of him signing with several teams, the Jets among them because of the obvious Rex Ryan connection. It seemed this was not a popular idea amongst most Jets fan, after all Ed Reed is a 35 year old safety with his best days likely behind him, and with his attitude problems in Houston, one could argue Ed Reed would be more of a burden to a team. However, there are some things he can provide for the New York Jets, and there is something to be said for his experience with Rex Ryan.

So let’s break down some of the benefits Ed Reed could bring to the Jets:

Veteran Experience: To say Ed Reed has seen a lot, and been in a lot of situations over his NFL career would be an understatement, he has been part of a Super Bowl winning team, he has been in pro bowls and played at a high level at the safety position. With a young secondary in place a veteran player can help with the education of the deeper nuances and techniques of the game, potentially helping elevate their game more quickly than normal circumstances would allow.

Knowledge of the system: Ed Reed has played in the system that the Jets defense uses, that system is Rex’s system. This knowledge will assure him a smooth transition into the Jets secondary and will give him his best opportunity to be successful.

Gamesmanship: Next week the Jets find themselves against one of Reeds former teams, the Ravens, and Rex Ryan has a way of motivating players to play hard against their former teams.

Worst Case Scenario: This signing is a bust, he gets cut by the end of the season and Ed Reed is looking for a job again. The Jets on other hand are not giving up much, there is no big contract here, there is no long term commitment, no lost draft picks, just a low risk signing.