New York Jets: First Half 2013: Earning Their Wings

By Alan Schechter

Nov 3, 2013; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees (left) is sacked by New York Jets defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson (96) in the second half during the game at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Lets’ do our weekly article, “Earning Their Wings”. But, there was no game yesterday, obviously. So, we are going to give out some general wings for the first nine games of the season. It’s more of a “top performers” type of article, so you will have an idea of some of the names you will see. So, let’s get right to it. Let’s see who earned their wings for the first half:

MO WILKERSON: How could we not start with this guy? What is there to say about Muhammad Wilkerson that hasn’t already been said. He is a football player that is going to star for this team for many years to come. He has eight sacks this year and he won’t be stopping there. You can never get too much Mo.

DAMON HARRISON: Another guy who is difficult to forget about, thanks to his hard work and dedication. He came up from nowhere to be a top NT in the sport. He might not have liked the nickname “Snacks” in the beginning, but he had better get used to it, because he is “snacking” on opponents all year-long.

JEFF CUMBERLAND: Here’s a name you couldn’t have predicted that I would have used here, huh? His stats are not flashy, only 15 receptions for 248 yards and two touchdowns. Why do I have him earning first half wings? Because of his ever-improving hands that are earning the trust of Geno Smith. Geno Smith is using Jeff Cumberland as a safety valve, very much like Mark Sanchez did with Dustin Keller.

NICK FOLK: And who could forget about the “Folk Hero”? Not I. Why should we, he is making a huge difference in 2013, as we all have seen. 23-23 is a great streak. I’m a guy, like you have heard me say before, that wanted FOlk out during his battles. Now, I love him, and wouldn’t trade him for anyone.