BREAKING: Pacman Jones Threatened David Nelson

By Tyler Moore

Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports

Per Manish Mehta, of the New York Daily News, Adam “Pacman” Jones threatened David Nelson during the Cincinnati Bengals’ 49-9 win over the New York Jets yesterday. He told Nelson,

I’m going to find out where you live and come and get you.

This came after he believed Nelson gave him three cheap shots at the end of the play. Replay confirms it, as does the unnecessary roughness penalty called on Nelson.

Nelson was playing dirty. He cut me like four times after the play. Thank God I took my medicine today – I guess – and I didn’t go off. Hopefully, he’ll get fined. At least three fines. There were three real cheap shots after the play.

This will get Jones investigated this week by the National Football League. However, Nelson wasn’t the only one who heard from Jones. Jets head coach Rex Ryan heard from Jones. Ryan proceeded to tell him to “shut the hell up.”

Nelson has stepped up big for the Jets this season after getting signed only a few weeks ago. He already has 15 receptions for 180 yards in four games, including eight receptions for 80 yards yesterday. However, the NFL will likely be taking a look at that play, especially after this incident, and he will likely receive a fine as Jones wished.

My take: This isn’t something that should be taken lightly. A threat, whether in the heat of the moment or not, is a threat and should be carefully reviewed. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got off with just a fine. However, I also wouldn’t be surprised if the fine is smaller than the fine I expect Nelson to get. In a league that has grown to be all about safety, there is no doubt in my mind Nelson gets fined because of his three cheap shots. Jones was right, they were cheap shots, and they were dirty, and I commend the referees for noticing them and throwing the flag. I do feel though that a threat, even just in the heat of moment with no intent, is more severe than what Nelson did. I hope the NFL does the right thing and fines them both, with Jones getting the more severe fine.