Demario Davis Progressing Well in the Eyes of the New York Jets’ Coaching Staff

By Alan Schechter

Aug 1, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets linebacker DeMario Davis (56) during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: William Perlman/THE STAR-LEDGER via USA TODAY Sports

Demario Davis has spent a year doing some on the job learning. If ever there was a great source to learn the Rex Ryan defense, Demario had that source in Bart Scott. Bart was the closest thing to learning from Rex on the field during a game.

Now, Bart Scott is gone, and the show is now Demario’s. He is working hard, and it has not gone unnoticed by the Jets’ staff. Here is Rex Ryan talking about Demario Davis:

He’s been given that opportunity. We had a pretty good player in front of him in Bart Scott. We drafted him knowing that Bart was the guy and then we thought we’d develop him. I love seeing the draft things. Now let’s make sure everybody knows that draft when they say he’s a bust. Really, ok we’ll see if he’s a bust. Now he gets to prove it. The guy can cover, he can run, he can blitz, he can do all of these things. He’s going to need these preseason games. They are important to him. That’s why we’re stretching him out more. We’re not just taking him out after the first quarter. He’s going to need more reps but he’s doing a tremendous job. He is everything we thought he was. But that will be proved out as this year goes on. That will definitely be proved out.

If the defense is going to perform well, a lot will have to do with the performance of Demario Davis. We will see soon enough, how ready he really is.