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What Happened To New York Jets’ Safety Josh Bush?

By Craig Hoffman

Jets 2nd year talented Safety Josh Bush was expected to make an immediate impact this season for Gang Green.

Josh Bush was listed as the starting free safety after mini camp and came into training camp the starter but after less than ten days not only is he not the starter but Rex Ryan said this week he isn’t even in the running. Bush will backup Dawan Landry at one safety spot while Antonio Allen and Jaiquawn Jarrett will compete for the other spot. What happened to Josh Bush over the summer?

Brian Costello of the New York Post wrote an article on Friday about Bush accepting this demotion readily including this quote:

“I’m a smart guy. I know my role,” Bush said today. “I know Jaiquawn and Antonio, they’re better at certain things than I am, and I’m better at certain things than they are. It fits the best. I SHOULD be Landry’s backup. We call him ‘mentor’ for a reason, so I want to study behind him anyway.” (NY Post 8/2 Brian Costello article)

I don’t like this quote at all. If you are a competitor there is no way that you can come to camp as a starter, lose your role, be told you are the backup and be completely accepting of this in a week’s worth of practices. He says that there are some things Allen and Jarrett do better than him and vice versa but he doesn’t elaborate. Unless Allen and Jarrett’s things they are better at include playing football and Bush’s thing he does better is writing music I can’t understand why he would say this.

I think Josh Bush has a skill set that can really help the Jets. He is a safety who can play center field or cover. He was a cornerback who converted to safety at Wake Forest and had good ball skills there. He played a bit last year as he learned the defense and did well in the spring. Then something happened. Whatever happened, Bush needs to get back on track or his starting role might not be the only thing he loses his roster spot could be next.