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New York Jets’ Player Profile: WR Michael Campbell

By Alan Schechter

Can Michael Campbell make an impact on the wide receiver competition?

Tonight, we take a look at one of the Jets’ signees from last night. Well, it’s a bit of a return of sorts, as this player saw time with us during the preseason of 2011, and was on the practice squad that year. He is here to try to make an impact on the depth chart at the wide receiver position. We are talking about Michael Campbell from Temple University.

Just as an aside, he is a former teammate at Temple of Muhammad Wilkerson.


Campbell stands at 6’1″, and weighs in at 203 pounds. At his Pro Day prior to the draft in 2011, he ran the 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds, and the 3 cone drill in a very quick 6.96 seconds.  Here are his stats from his years at Temple:

Here are some highlights to bring everyone up to speed:

PROS: The first thing that jumps out is his breakaway speed. When he breaks open, the DB is not catching up. When he gets a step on the DB, that step becomes 2 steps and 3 steps quickly. He also can go up and get the ball in a crowd. His feet control, ability to come down in bounds, is excellent, almost like a dancer.

CONS: He does have breakaway speed, but he has a tough time with elusive speed. If he makes a catch in a crowd, he doesn’t really make the first guy miss. He also catches the ball into his body. Granted, he didn’t seem to drop balls in school, but that practice could still come back to haunt him. Just ask Stephen Hill.

Bottom line? Michael Campbell has ability, and will be an able competitor for a spot at WR.