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Thoughts and Observations from Jets’ Training Camp 8/1/13

By Alan Schechter

Jul 27, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets wide receiver Ryan Spadola (85) prepares to make a catch during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s get right to the report from a rainy morning out in Cortland, NY:

  • Richardson, Ivory and Winslow on Bike: Both of these guys, who are important to the Jets’ success, spent time on the bike today.  Don’t worry though, Shelon was on the bike due to his dental problem, and Ivory did some drills early.  Kellen Winslow was set to be on a pitch-count during camp, so that is all this was.
  •  Geno to Spadola: Geno Smith continues to show excellent poise as he fights for the starting job.  During two-minute drills, Geno sidestepped the rush, and hit Ryan Spadola with a 50 yard bomb.  Spadola made an excellent diving catch on the back-end of the play.  New connection for Geno?
  • Mark outplays Geno: Although Geno didn’t play badly, most accounts of today’s events indicated that Mark outplayed Geno, especially late in the practice.  Mark threw 2 TD’s late in 2 minute drills, while Geno still struggled.  As I have said before, not looking at stats, trying to focus on the overall.
  • Defensive Line Beats Offensive Line:Word from Cortland is that the offensive line did not look good today.  It’s not surprising, we know how good the defensive line is, maybe the best unit on the team.  However, it is just worth noting that the offensive line struggled.  Mo Wilkerson looked particularly good, taking a lineman right back into Mark’s face for a sack on one particular pass rush.
  • Milliner Fully Involved: Here is some great news, Jets fans.  Dee Milliner was involved in basically the entire practice.  He even ran with the first string during team drills.  How great a sign is that?  Maybe he will be ready to make an impact faster than we thought.  We can only hope.  He was also quite coached up by Antonio Cromartie, which I particularly love to hear.  His maturity is something that will not show up in a boxscore, but it will show up in everyone’s play.