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Joe Klecko Says New York Jets Going Nowhere with Mark Sanchez?

By Alan Schechter

Oct 28, 2012; East Rutherford, NJ, USA; New York Jets former player Joe Klecko before the game against the Miami Dolphins at MetLife Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

For the benefit of our younger readers, Joe Klecko, before he became an SNY broadcaster, was one of the best defensive linemen in team history. Arguably, he is one of the top linemen in league history, although he is not enshrined in Canton. He is the only player in league history to earn a trip to the Pro Bowl at all defensive line positions, DE, DT, and NT.

What Joe is NOT, however, is a Hall of Fame broadcaster. Sometimes, the things he says are a bit contradictory, or don’t make sense. He was on the radio yesterday with Brandon Tierney, and the topic of the day was of course, the quarterback situation. Joe Klecko’s quote was interesting, take a look:

“I just don’t think they’re going to go anywhere with Mark,” Klecko argues. “Because, first of all, now you have the number-one receiver saying, in his own theory, maybe won’t be able to play all year; he lost his go-to guy in Dustin Keller as a tight end. He doesn’t have a lot of options out there.”

Isn’t this statement a bit contradictory? He is saying that they can’t win with Mark, because he has no options to throw to? Wouldn’t that mean that they can’t win with any quarterback that they have? What does winning with Mark have to do with their being no options?

Forgetting the fact that some unexpected wide receivers are flashing some skills, by the way. Has Joe not noticed that Stephen Hill is not dropping passes this summer? What about the MVP of camp so far, Clyde Gates? Does he not count?

It just seems like he is more saying that the Jets haven’t provided a roster good enough to succeed on offense. Saying they can’t win with one of the quarterbacks on the roster, because of the weapons doesn’t make sense.

That’s why I preferred Klecko the player to Klecko the broadcaster.