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New York Jets’ Mark Sanchez is Playing Mad in 2013

By Alan Schechter

Jul 28, 2013; Cortland, NY, USA; New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez (6) talks with head coach Rex Ryan (left) while stretching during training camp at SUNY Cortland. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Whether you are a Sanchez guy like I am or not, there is no way to get around our disappointment in his play over the last couple of years. 50-plus turnovers over that time will do that to a fan base. It’s not hard to admit, we are annoyed at the guy.

But you know who is most annoyed about Mark Sanchez’s play? Mark Sanchez. So much so that is buddy, Joe McKnight, has noticed that Mark is playing mad this year. When told about the statement, Mark couldn’t disagree:

He knows how I am and how competitive I am. We’ve been around each other for a long time and I want to come in here, win the job, play well for the team and be a part of the team that brings this franchise back. We’ve tasted a little bit of success. I know what it feels like. It’s frustrating not to be a playoff team. It’s frustrating not to win a fair share of your games, so there’s something we’re working to get back to, but I love the energy that we have here (and) I love what we’re building here in Cortland, this year specifically. I think we have a ton of talent. Now we just have to use it the right way and we trust the coaches to do that. But Joe (McKnight) knows me pretty well and knows I’m getting ready to get back out on the field. We’ve been away from the game for too long, so let’s go play.

Playing angry could be a good thing, or it could be a very bad thing. You know how we are all taught that we cannot drive a car when we are angry, because we will be more prone to taking chances, getting in accidents..etc? Well, that’s my worry here. Being mad will either cause Mark to play far better than he has in years, or it will make him force the ball too much. He will be so mad that he is trying to make plays he can’t.

That will end the QB competition quickly, and not the way he wants it to go.