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Santonio Holmes Takes Personal Care of Injured Player at Charity Event

By Alan Schechter

Jets’ receiver Santonio Holmes shows kindness and generosity at today’s event for his Third and Long Foundation.

For all of the things that we don’t like about athletes, it’s important to take the time and show our appreciation for when an athlete does something honorable. Santonio Holmes did that this afternoon on Roosevelt Island here in NY.

This afternoon, Santonio Holmes held a “Flags for Foundations” event, to benefit his Third and Long Foundation, as well as the group from “uSTADIUM”. I will be bringing you a recap in the morning, but Holmes’ act of generosity deserves serious noting on its own.

The main event of the day was a flag football tournament. During one of the games, there was an unfortunate incident where a player jumped to catch a pass, came down and landed quite awkwardly. So awkwardly, in fact, that he broke his leg fairly severely.

That is when Santonio came in. He can down to the end of the field where the player was hurt, and let the player know that he was going to take care of ALL OF HIS EXPENSES. His medical care, rehab, and whatever else he needs, Tone agreed to foot the bill for all of it.

How about that for “ToneTime”? It was alive and well, and living on Roosevelt Island today. He handled a tough situation at his event like a champion, and I was proud to be there to see it.