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Sunday Night Highlights: The Monday Night Miracle

By Alan Schechter

Vinny Testaverde led the Jets to one of the biggest comebacks in NFL history in what became known as the “Monday Night Miracle”.

Time to have a little bit of fun. You all know by now, sometimes on Sunday night, I like to take a break from the analysis, to instead look at some video tape. We break out some old highlights of great days gone by, to give us all a chance to smile a little as we head into the work week.

Tonight, we go back to the year 2000. Our friends at the NFL Network spent the early part of yesterday afternoon showing this game as an “NFL Classic Game”. In keeping with the network, we are going to bring you the Monday Night Miracle, as did the NFL Network, but rather than bring you the entire game, we are bringing you highlights. Take a look:

What a great day in team history, wasn’t it? Plays where the offensive tackle catch a TD pass as a “tackle eligible” are always exciting to me. Mainly because you don’t expect them to be able to make the catch.

I have a confession as well. It’s really great that this game has been memorialized in highlights, and in various forms on You Tube because back in 2000, I went to sleep before the game ended.

My loss I guess.