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Film Room: Chris Ivory’s Potential as a New York Jet

By JETSerious

Let’s go inside the film room and take a look at our newest Jets running back, Chris Ivory. There’s a lot to like about Ivory’s game. We’ll take a look at one play in particular, where Ivory broke a 50-plus yard run for a score… to display his potential as a featured back for the NY Jets.


The great part of Ivory’s game as a power-back is, he can beat you around the edge too. As a defender, you want to square up and get lower than the runner. Usually, you will make the play if you’re the lower man. However, Chris Ivory is a RB of a different breed. If you get lower than he is, he will ‘break your ankles’ and beat you in a foot-race down the sidelines.

Speaking of beating a defender around the edge… check out this move Ivory puts on Asante Samuel. It’s quite impressive. The veteran played Ivory aggressively and paid the price, giving up the long run.

Ivory made Asante look silly on this play. He beat him around the outside pretty badly…

It seems as if the play will die off here. However, Ivory does not give up just yet. This is probably the most impressive part of the play, as Ivory shows his elusiveness. He puts on a mean juke, like you would see in Madden.

Ivory is able to split the two defenders and cut back up-field.

Ivory shows great balance, staying up-right, when most runners would take the long gain and go down. It’s my belief that Ivory, having limited touches in the Saints backfield, wanted to score and make the most of his opportunity.

The Stiff-Arm

Anyone who watched this game will remember that this was one mean stiff-arm by Chris Ivory. It’s one thing to gain a few additional yards with the average stiff-arm, but Ivory executed this one so well that he was able to take it to the house. Ivory was able to gain enough separation to beat the defender to the corner for the score.

This play is better suited to be watched live… so I attached a video to let everyone reflect back on how incredible of a play this was.

** I apologize for the poor quality of the video, as I do not own the rights to this video…

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