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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Randy Beverly

By Alan Schechter

For this edition of “Where Are They Now?”, we are going back to the 1960’s, to the world championship team from Super Bowl III. Tonight, we talk about a defensive back that never put up very gaudy numbers during a regular season, but is well-known to Jets fans thanks to two huge interceptions during that Super Bowl triumph over the Colts.

We are talking about defensive back, #42, Randy Beverly.


Randy Beverly, after being passed on in the 1967 NFL draft, was signed by the Jets as an undrafted free agent. He became the starter in 1968, the year the Jets went 11-3 and went on to what now is known as Super Bowl III.

You all know the story, how the Jets were 18 point underdogs, but despite the long odds, Joe Namath guaranteed the win. He then made it happen, as the Jets defeated the Baltimore Colts 16-7. One of the heroes of that game was Randy Beverly, as he became the first player in history to intercept two passes in the Super Bowl. The Jets pass defense was not known as great, so Beverly was a guy targeted by the Colts game plan. However, picking off one pass in the first half and one in the second cemented it as Randy Beverly’s, and the Jets’ day.

Despite the fact that he made two famous post season interceptions, Randy Beverly only intercepted four other passes for his career. After being traded to the Chargers, Beverly caught on with the Patriots for a couple of years, before finishing his career in the WFL with former teammate George Sauer, Jr., among others.


Nowadays, Randy Beverly can be found enjoying his life as a retired football player with his family. He has been living in Monroe Township, NJ, and soon will be looking for a retirement community there to spend his golden years. He is married, a father, and a grandfather of six.

Defensive back, #42, Randy Beverly!!