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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Al Toon

By Alan Schechter

For today’s edition of “Where Are They Now?”, we take a look at one of the most talented players that the Jets have ever employed. He was the possession receiver to the deep threat of Wesley Walker. He really needs very little introduction, if you saw him play, you loved him. I am talking about wide receiver, #88, Al Toon.


The Jets chose Toon with the 10th choice overall in the 1985 NFL draft. He spent his entire career in New York, from 1985-1992. His top seasons were in 1986 and 1988, take a look:

With an average of nearly 65 receptions per season, Al Toon was the ultimate possession receiver. Many of us that watched the team in the middle of the 80’s felt that Toon could have put up similar numbers to Jerry Rice. Unfortunately, many concussions took Toon from us far too soon, after only 8 years. Look at his career numbers, imagine what he might have done had he played for twice as many seasons.


Al Toon has improved from his post concussion syndrome, to the point that he was able to compete in a triathlon. He can be found on the board of directors of the Green Bay Packers and the National Guard Life Insurance Company. He also helped found Capitol Bank, where he also still serves on the board of directors.

#88, Al Tooooooooooooooon!