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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Rich Kotite

By Alan Schechter

So what has Mr. 1-15 been up to since his time with the New York Jets ended?

Let’s have a little fun with tonight’s edition of “Where Are They Now?” and look up an old friend. Looking at the picture to the right, I don’t think this man needs much of an introduction. The coach that we all loved to hate, Mr….Rich….Kotite.


Believe it or not, it wasn’t the worst decision in the world to hire Rich. He did have success with the Jets in his prior tenure. From 1983-1989, Rich went from wide receivers coach, to offensive coordinator, during an era when the Jets offense was quite high-powered. In the middle 80’s, the Jets threw the ball all over the place with Wesley Walker and Al Toon on the outside.

Kotite’s head coaching record, prior to rejoining the Jets was actually quite good as well. In four years as the coach of the Eagles, he put up a 36-28 regular season record. However, he learned quickly how he didn’t have the likes of Randall Cunningham in NY. 3-13, and 1-15 ended Rich’s reign rather quickly, as we would all like to forget.


Thankfully for the rest of the teams in the league. 1996 was the last that Rich Kotite was seen as a head coach in the league. Everyone realized that he couldn’t get it done without a roster that was basically set for him, and he was gone. These days, you might see Rich on an NFL Network program such as “Top 10….”. I guess NFL Films still trusts his opinion.