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New York Jets: Where Are They Now? Tony Paige

By Alan Schechter

After being chosen in the 6th round, Tony Paige was a useful player in scoring situations.

Time for another edition of “Where Are They Now?” For tonight’s edition, we are looking at a fullback that played with the Jets in the middle of the 1980’s. This one actually led the Jets in TDs during his rookie season. Tonight, we remember fullback, #49, Tony Paige.


Do you guys remember Tony Paige? In the mid-80’s, specifically 1984-1986, he was the fullback, leading the way for Freeman McNeil and Johnny Hector. Paige spent nine seasons in the league, his first three in the Green and White.

Paige was chosen by the Jets with their 6th round pick in the 1984 draft, the 149th choice overall. Here are his career stats, spanning nine years:

Tony Paige was effective as a fullback, running back, and receiver out of the backfield. He retired at 30 years old after nine seasons in the NFL.


Upon his retirement, Tony went into a second career as a sports agent, where he continues to work today. It’s a DC based firm known as “Perennial Sports and Entertainment”, and they have represented the likes of Cam Newton, and former Jets nose tackle Kris Jenkins. Check out the agency website here.  Paige is the executive vice president of their football division.

The fullback, #49, Tony Paige.