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New York Jets’ Dee Milliner’s Game-film from Alabama Looks Very Familiar….

By JETSerious

Just to get this out-of-the-way, I do not think that Dee Milliner is Darrelle Revis. Now with that said, I took a look at Milliner’s game tape from Alabama and came away impressed. Certain features of his game are eerily similar to those of Darrelle Revis.

I put together a few pictures, to show which aspects of Milliner’s game I am referring to…

The Glide

Although it’s just Milliner and Revis running with the football, it’s important to remember that they’re defenders and don’t get the opportunities to touch the rock like the offensive players do.

Milliner is dangerous with the ball in his hands, much like Revis. They both resemble a glide, in which they sway passed tacklers using their acceleration and elusiveness.

Both players have the ability to take it back for a touchdown on any given interception.

The Takeout Tackle

This is probably the most important characteristic when mentioning Revis’ game… Tackling. Darrelle Revis is a great tackler, and the Jets would often lean on him to come up and make the tackle. That comes with the territory of being a shut-down cornerback in the NFL. But being a sure tackler isn’t as easy as it sounds. To be honest, tackling is the one aspect of Kyle Wilson’s game that I am fond of. Wilson struggles in coverage (especially on the out-route vs. NE), and it ends up costing the Jets often on 3rd down. This is why the emergence of Dee Milliner is so important. The Jets need to be able to rely on a guy opposite Antonio Cromartie, in Rex Ryan’s system. I believe Milliner can be that guy. He’s a sure tackler, who the Jets can rely on to come up and make the play. The fact that Milliner is a good cover corner is great… but to be a good tackler will be just as important to the team moving forward.

The Jump-ball

You cannot tell me that these two picks aren’t similar. Milliner and Revis are mirror-images of each other.

Milliner’s footwork (besides the backpedal) enables him to be in position to make a play on the ball. I believe that Rex Ryan will fix any bad tendencies in Dee’s game, and ultimately create another lock-down corner along Antonio Cromartie.

I can’t wait (Bart) to see Dee Milliner step on the field as a Jet. I think the sky is the limit for this kid!

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