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BREAKING: Former Jets’ Safety Jim Hudson Dead at 70

By Alan Schechter

Some breaking news out of the New York Jets, another one of the heroes of Super Bowl III has passed away. Multiple news sources are indicating that safety Jim Hudson, who influenced the result of the Jets getting to the super bowl, has passed on.

Hudson was a tough gritty player in the 1960s. Playing his entire career with the Jets, he was a player that fans remember even today.

Jim is survived by his wife Lisa, in Austin, Texas.

For anyone that isn’t, or is too young, to be aware, Hudson recorded on of the biggest plays of the game is Super Bowl III. Picture it. It’s 7-0 Jets and the Colts are looking to keep the game under control. Unitas calls a flea flicker, get his wide receivers out in the patterns. This was supposed to be a great play for Hudson in the open field, and that is how it is, and its a good gain.

Jim Hudson remained the league from 1965-1970, playing all of his years for the New York Jets. He recorded 15 INTs for his career. On a team that was made up of a lot of quality role players, Hudson was one of the best.

Tuesday he was gone, and now wish him peace.