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BREAKING: Former Jets/Giants All Pro Punter Dave Jennings Dead at 61

By Alan Schechter

An All-Pro Punter in his own right, never got the respect he deserved. especially punting in the same division as Reggie Roby.

It’s a sad day for the Jets family, as well as the family of the NFL as a whole.

In a story broken by Phil Mushnick, we learn that the game has lost Dave Jennings.  He was a long-time punter for the Jets and the Giants, before providing radio commentary to both as well.  He left broadcasting in 2007 thanks to Parkinson’s disease, and his death appears to be related to the Parkinson’s.

The stats were limited during Dave’s time in the league, but here is what they do have:

Most of his career was spent with the Giants, although the later years were spent in the Green and White.  Going further than just the fact that he kicked it for 14 seasons, he earned 4 trips to the Pro Bowl, cementing Dave Jennings as a top punter of the era.

Gone too soon.