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New York Jets Minicamp Tryout Profile: OT Mark Jackson

By Alan Schechter

The Jets are working hard to add depth to the offensive line, and the tryout invite extended to Mark Jackson serves to continue that purpose.

Tonight, we are going to take a look at one of your newest members of the New York Jets. This guy, however, is not technically a member of the team as of yet. No, this young man has been invited to minicamp to tryout for the team. However, he is invited to tryout for a position on the team that has been too thin for too long, the offensive line. We take a look at OT Mark Jackson tonight, from Glenville State University.


Mark Jackson stands in at 6’5″, and weighs in at 328 pounds. Jackson did receive an invitation to the NFL Combine, and he ran the forty yard dash in 5.65 seconds. Showing off decent agility for a big guy, ran the cone drill in 8.07 seconds.

Here is some Mark Jackson video:

PROS: The first thing you have to love is his “versatility”. You know how Rex feels about versatile players, and seeing Jackson use d on both sides of the offensive line will help his standing well. His brute strength is terrific as well. Right from the first play on the tape, it is evident. Did you see him take down that first guy like a rag doll? Clearly, this is a football player with talent.

CONS: You have to wonder about the usual concerns with small college players. The first being the quality of competition. Going from a school that is this size, to the NFL is a big jump as far as talent is concerned. It will always be a bit tougher in this situation. You also don’t see a lot of developed pass rushing techniques on this tape. Will Mark be ready to battle those?

Mark Jackson will get his chance. The Jets need depth on the offensive line and we wish him luck.