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New York Jets’ Profile: DT Junior Aumavae

By Alan Schechter

Junior Aumavae is another guy with a tough task, attempting to join the Jets at the already crowded defensive line.

For today’s profile, we are going to take a look at a guy that played for Minnesota State. He hasn’t had much of an opportunity in the NFL yet, making his way around the IFL a bit, bringing him to his chance to make the Jets roster in 2013.

Spotlight is on DT, Junior Aumavae.

He was undrafted in 2010, making an appearance in training camp with the Dallas Cowboys. After being released during training camp, he hooked on with the Fairbanks Grizzlies and the Green Bay Blizzard of the IFL. March 1, he signed with our beloved New York Jets, and will be in camp with a chance to make this football team.


Junior Aumavae stands at 6’3″, and weighs 310 pounds. Let’s get right to some highlights of Junior’s abilities. Take it for what it is worth, as it is from his time with the Blizzard in the IFL. Take a look:

PROS: Yes there are less guys up on the line in this game than in the NFL, but beating your man is beating your man. This guy can get off the snap quickly. He seems to have a nice sense of the snap, without jumping off-sides, which is a mature trait to have. He also can work well with his hands. He gets them up fast, and uses them well to get rid of his opponent. He has an ever-consistent motor as well.

CONS: You have to watch with a grain of salt. Like it or not, the IFL game is different from our game. Just watch, you don’t have to know much about the IFL to know that it is different. That being said, you have to worry about the competition level as well. These are guys that weren’t able to make the NFL. And by the way, what did these other scouts see in Junior? There must be a reason that nobody has taken a shot on him since 2010.

As we have said before, making the Jets at defensive line will be difficult. But, Junior Aumavae has talent, and he will get his shot.