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New York Jets “Throwback/Comeback” Thursday

By Alan Schechter

Time for a Throwback Thursday.

It’s Thursday night, Jets’ fans. Time once again for a “Throwback Thursday”. As we have said before, it’s fun to take a break from the analysis and the breaking stories, replacing them with some fun highlights to watch. I mean come on, does it get any better than just watching football? I think not.

We decided to call this one “Throwback/Comeback” Thursday. This week’s group of highlights are going to look back at Jets’ comebacks from recent years.

This first one will bring back some memories for the “thirty somethings”. This was from the final week of the 1988 season, where the Jets took on their resident rivals the New York Giants. At 7-7-1, the Jets were nowhere near a playoff berth but had the opportunity to play spoiler. If the Jets could pull this one out, they would send the Giants home without a playoff berth either. The video picks up the final drive, with the Jets down 21-20:

Take a step further back in time with this one. The date was Sept 21, 1986, and the Jets took on the Miami Dolphins from the Meadowlands. The two teams put on a show, throwing for over 900 combined passing yards:

Here are some highlights from the 2010 comeback victories:

And finally, the video of the great win against New England from the playoffs:

I hope you enjoyed your “Throwback/Comeback Thursday”.