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Darrelle Revis is “Confident” He Will Be Ready For Week One

By Alan Schechter

It may be only June 5th, but it is never too soon to look ahead to week one of the NFL season. I mean really, is it ever too soon?

It especially isn’t too soon, apparently, if you are Darrelle Revis. He is in the midst of his rehab from his injury, but he is looking ahead to coming up to New York week one. Clearly, that is his goal:

“I’m confident,” Revis said Tuesday, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “I’m cutting. (Bucs trainer Todd Toriscelli) might tell me to slow down a little bit, but I’m going full tilt and I’m cutting because I’m feeling good. Cutting and running and doing what I have to do.”

He already says he is feeling good about the Bucs defensive schemes:

“I think I’m getting comfortable now,” Revis said. “I’m in the walkthroughs, I’m in the meeting. The defense is easy. I’m a veteran and some of the things we did in New York, coach (Greg) Schiano does down here, too. I’m fine with that. I think the biggest thing is making sure I’m 100 percent when I step out there with the guys, my teammates, and we go out there and play some great football.”

I can appreciate the spirit of competition, but the more I listen to him speak, the happier I am that he is gone. What was he ever so upset with the Jets about? Making him a rich man? Making him a famous player? How dare the Jets be so mean to him! You know what? I hope he is ready to go down. Because he will.